Eliminating Distractions

In what way can you free your life from distractions that cause stress?

Distraction is said to be something that stops you from giving total attention to another activity.

In relation to stress, it is said to be an extreme agitation of the mind and of emotions.

Distractions originate from things that surround you which tend to frequently get your attentions. At times, you might just be the cause of being distracted. For instance, when you keep checking your social media page while working or check your email every 10 seconds.

Distraction can also come from individuals who do not recognize your need to finish tasks on time.People tend to involve you in discussions that are of no essence simply because they do not realize you have other pressing issues to handle.

Some interactions can create distractions that become harmful to the work you do and in consequence lead to delays and dangerous stress levels.

How To Manage Electronic Distractions Like Emails and Instant messages, etc.?

We are currently in the electronic age, people have to deal with a sea of electronic applications. These applications, when not managed properly can lead to time wastage. We now have to deal with skype calls, phone calls, text messages, and FaceTime messages coupled with a whole lot of other tech gadgets.

It is fun to have a lot of ways to keep in touch with loved ones when they are not around. Keeping in touch is not bad but if not done at the right time, it might affect your productivity.

Below are some ways in which you can manage distraction:

  1. Respond in Batches

You do not have to look at messages and notifications the very instant they appear especially when you have an important task at hand.

You can check them later. If you check all your notifications the very instant they appear, you will lose focus thereby making you not to accomplish the task at hand.

  1. Turn off Instant Notifications

Most devices we use, deliver messages in real time. This might not be of so much benefit to you so if you want to be productive and finish an urgent task on time.

You can activate the silent mode on your phone and increase your focus while working on the task. You can then check all the messages later when you have made a significant progress in your work.

  1. Reply With Short Messages

You do not really need to call everyone if it is not of great importance. This rule does not apply to your family take note of that.

Situations might arise when visitors are not wanted due to the amount of work you have to do and the time frame within which you have to do it.

You must learn to manage the amount of time you give to others.

These are some tips that will stop visitors from stealing your precious time.

  • Let them know:

This is one of the most efficient ways to make a visitor leave. You just have to tell the visitor that you cannot avail yourself because of the important task you have to finish.

Assure the visitor that you will contact them much later.

  • Re-locate:

When you are working on something important, you can move away from a place where everyone can see or contact you. You should be out of sight because by doing that people will forget about you for the time being thereby giving you a momentary rest from distractions.

  • Do Not Avail Yourself:

When you give people the opportunity to keep distracted they surely will do. Do not create space for distraction.

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