How to Sell a Blog for $20,000 in 8 Months

I couldn’t believe it too.

Until I read an article of How a 21 Year Old from Bangladesh Became Financially Free Building and Selling Niche Websites. You can read the article here

Okay, I said to myself, this must be an isolated case. Then I found this Kenyan blogger Patrick Mahinge earning serious monthly income from building and monetizing websites. This is what he shared on his Facebook page

It is that time of the year again when I have to make domain and hosting renewals worth more than $1,000.But the past year’s journey has really been awesome. From making an almost negligible income from blogging to hitting $20,000 in the first 5 months of 2017.One thing I have learned about doing business- You can’t afford to lose focus. You need to constantly define and redefine your goals. Keep pushing the milestones.The first step out of the gate has to be knowing where you want to end up. What do you really want from your blog?

Kenyan Blogger

You can visit his facebook page here, I have personally had a conversation with him and learned so much from him.

I also got to find out a marketplace for websites. Some website built by individuals like you and I sell for several thousands of U.S. Dollars. I couldn’t believe it ! See for yourself.

Empire flippers

Empire Flippers . A marketplace for websites.

After conducting an extensive research and taking close to 10 courses on this subject.

I currently have about 30 + websites in various niches which I manage. Most of them were built when I was learning about websites. When I take a course, I try to build a new site as a kind of project.

I just started 4 new sites last week which I intend to sell at the end of the year. How much did it cost me to set up these for websites? Less than 7,000 Naira.

I am a very busy person and my challenge has been writing the content for the sites. I have to hire writers from India and pay hundreds of dollars monthly.

Where are the Nigerian graduates that studied English? Seating at home and waiting for Buhari to give them jobs?

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you things I have learned so far.

Nigerians should stop complaining about unemployment and invest time into learning valuable skills.


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