How to end psycological stress

In what ways does negative thinking affect someone’s stress level?

From the blog post on the 5 Causes of Stress, we learned of the steps that can lead to physical stress response.

End Psychological Stress: Why You Should Practice Control Over Your Thoughts?

When look closely at the modern stress model points us to the fact that physiological stress only appears in situations of mental stress.

Mental stress does not just show up out of the blues, mental stress is only experienced by a person when his emotions are geared towards a particular outcome.

Considering these facts, it becomes very clear that if physiological stress is to be stopped, we need to address its primary agent – mental stress.

What makes us think the way we do?

Some people beat themselves in this area. They worry about the tendencies they have to feel and think in specific ways particularly if they have to deal with popular stressors.

There are three interrelated factors that are responsible for your temperament and behavior:


Genes suck at times because they tend to be responsible for your tendencies. You inherited some of your parent’s chromosomes and as a result, you inherited a fraction of their personalities.


Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis usually went back to examining the childhood of his patients to understand the complexity of their neuroses.

In truth, he was quite accurate because it turns out that our early childhood experiences tend to shape the way we completely develop into mature adults.

Children tend to absorb both their parent’s attitudes and thought patterns and that of the world surrounding them.


As you grow and get older your attitude and behavior towards stress are dependent on your life experiences.

Yes your DNA and childhood determine your response to stress but they are just a mere fraction of yourself.

The things you have experienced cannot be changed. That is to say that you have no control over them but what you do have control over are; the values, ethics or beliefs you currently have.

It has now come to the point where you need to learn how to control stressful though patterns since you are now acquainted how the mind works and what makes it work the way it does.

In what way can you control thought patterns that are unstable?

Thoughts are very powerful but not as powerful as the person itself. Thoughts do not have power over any person. It possible for you to be able to have control over them. You can master how to control your thoughts with practice.

Some mind control practices include:

  • Look for a silent place to practice mind control exercise and write down the most fearsome thoughts that you have had in the past few months
  • Under the first five items make sure you write down wonderful thoughts, memories or ideas that totally and directly counter the horrid thoughts you initially wrote.
  • Now you are going to exercise the power of your mind by focusing and concentrating on the first set of horrid thought you wrote and you are going to ask your mind to delete those thoughts.
  • Imagine and envision the empty void where all the bad and unwanted thoughts were. Start placing the good, beautiful and pleasant thoughts there. By doing this you are consciously driving out the horrid thoughts.
  • You have to make sure that you repeat this exercise tomorrow and the day after that. This is because as we said stress management takes time and it is only through practicing different methods that one can successfully manage stress.


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