How being Disorganised Causes Stress

How Being Disorganised Causes Stress?

These are some common reasons why chronic disorganization can result into chronic stress:

  1. Stressed Mind

The mind reacts to disorder or clutter according to the number of times it sees it. You may try to ignore the clutter around you but your subconscious does not ignore it. It is working to find ways to get rid of the clutter.

This means there is an internal war going on between your conscious and your subconscious because what your conscious mind is trying to hide the subconscious tries to find.

  1. It Is Time-Consuming

It takes more time and energy to look for something in a cluttered environment. Usually, people tend to look for things when they are in urgent need of them. This increases stress when searching for something in a cluttered environment.

  1. Things Will Be Lost

There will be a loss of important things when there is no organization. You will also spend a lot of time looking for things in the midst of disorderliness and you won’t find them.

Clutter and disorganizations make you lose things much more than you can imagine.

  1. It Minimizes Living Space:

Clutter can totally reduce your living space to the extent that you would just have a small corner left out of a big room.

  1. Isolation From The Society

You may become isolated from your peers and colleagues because your home is disorganized. You find yourself always denying requests for visits. Opting for meetings and visits outside your home. This will lead to social isolation.

How To Get Organized

Motivating yourself can be very hard and getting the right type of motivation is also tasking.

Some of the ways you can motivate yourself and get rid of all the clutter in your working place and at home include:

Come up with a de-cluttering time table:

Procrastination is the primary problem of those who want to get rid of disorder in their lives. So creating a schedule for de-cluttering will help you avoid procrastinating. When the scheduled time reaches you have to purposefully remind yourself to do the de-cluttering even if you have to cancel some other scheduled items.

Test your progress by inviting people to your home:

It is one of the quickest and most applicable ways to motivate yourself. Invite some colleagues and friends over for dinner.

The people you invite over must be people who might have criticized your disorderly behavior and whom you want approval from. Their approval will make you motivated.

Locate your tolerance grade or level:

Most people have tolerance levels for disorderliness. Some can tolerate it to the maximum while others cannot tolerate it at all. You have to use your tolerance level for clutter as a trigger to always stay organized.

When you start to feel stressed up by clutter surrounding you, then you have to get up and get the place cleaned up. You then will relieve yourself of stress by cleaning up.

Clutter is a major stressor and the only way that can be used to totally get rid of it is developing practical routines that will help you deal with clutter.

You should not wait until you can no longer tolerate clutter.

You should act as soon as you feel the clutter is already stressing you out.


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