Best Personal Development Podcasts you Need to Listen in 2017

For anybody who needs some mental stimulation, podcasts will greatly help you in that. Whether you are outdoors for a run, stuck in slow moving traffic, busy doing tasks or switching things up, podcasts get you inspired while on it. They are free, easy to find on a variety of topics from fitness, eating, and knitting, and you can find a quality podcast to suit your taste.

Surprisingly, personal development is one of the top podcast segments. Being so wide and with a lot of entries, you have to dig deep to find the best stuff. Personal development can help you in improving awareness and self-identity, develop potential and talent, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance life quality and contribute to dreams and aspirations realization, therefore, improving self-knowledge and self-awareness.

Maybe you are already into personal development. It’s important to realize that it’s critical to achieving your goals and dreams. You should ask yourself what you doing to enhance your life quality, improve self-awareness as well as self-knowledge and the repercussions of failing to do these things. When you don’t take time for personal development, you remain unfocused and unproductive. Spending time with yourself and for yourself has a huge impact than working harder and longer.

To enhance your personal development, one of the best sources that help you enhance is podcasts. I’ve compiled the Best Personal Development Podcasts you need to listen in 2017 here. Some might be new to you and others are already known to you. All these podcasts share the same thread and will give you new ideas that will help you in your personal development, expand your mind, and convert yourself into a productive figure.

Below are the best personal development podcasts you need to listen in 2017.

Best Personal Development Podcasts


Theme: Personal Growth

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is the podcast on lifestyle design for millennials. Hosted by lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Aileen Xu, this podcast highlights stories of personal growth, life lessons, and inspiration on how to create your dream life. New episodes released every Sunday.

Get the latest episode of the Lavendaire podcast here


Theme: Minimalism

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less. The Minimalists Podcast is often the #1 Health podcast on iTunes, and it occasionally charts in the Top 10 of all shows.

Get the latest episode of The Minimalists Podcast here


Theme: Personal Growth
Website :

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have sold more than two million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages. On her popular weekly podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, she discusses good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft; they’ve been called the “Click and Clack of podcasters.” Her podcast was named in iTunes’s lists of “Best Podcasts of 2015” and was named in the Academy of Podcasters “Best Podcasts of 2016.”

Get the latest episode of Gretchen’s Podcast here

On Gretchen Rubin’s popular blog, she reports on her daily adventures in the pursuit of happiness and habits. Millions of people read her blog each year. “I’ve become a bit of a happiness bully,” she confessed.


Theme: Mindfulness

The Mindful Kind is hosted by Racheal Kable. She tells her story about her exciting mindfulness journeys and provides listeners with practices for incorporating into their own lives.

Get the latest episode of Racheal Kable’s Podcast here


Theme: Personal Growth

The Tiny Leaps Big Changes is hosted by Gregg where he covers a variety of topics like mindfulness, money, career, lifestyle, and more.

Click here to start listening to Tiny Leaps Big Changes


Theme: Personal Growth

The Optimal Living Daily is published daily by Justin Malik. He covers topics on personal development, productivity, and minimalism. Justin shares popular blog articles that will help you improve your life.

Listening to this podcast can help you discover amazing bloggers and easily access some of the best productivity content in one place.

So start your listening to Optimal Living Daily here.


Theme: Mindfulness
Website : ABC Radio

10% Happier is hosted by Dan Harris a New York Times Bestseller author of the book 10% Happier.

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