Time Management

One major cause of chronical stress is the lack of time to do all we want to do in a day. Of recent, jobs are hard to come by and adults work even more.

When someone overworks, there are chances it is a due to poor time management. People tend to waste time when they don’t have a plan or to-do list.

In What Ways Can You Best Manage Your Time?

  1. Pay Close Attention How You Spend Your Time

You have to primarily identify how you spend your time if you are going to effectively manage it.

To keep track of this, you have to take inventory of your daily activities from when you wake up in the morning. This records must be tracked over a period of two weeks so you can observe the normal trend of your various activities.

You don’t have to be too self-conscious while taking the inventory of how you use your time. You also have to be realistic in your findings.

After taking inventory of how you use your time, you have to rate each of your daily activities from 1-4.

1 implies “total waste of time” 4 is “excellent use of time”

2 and 3 are “quite a waste of time “and “good use of my time”.

You will now come to understand how you make use of your time.

  1. Change Your Activities

Having too many unimportant activities throughout the day is as a result of poor time management.

Cut down on unnecessary activities that take your time. This will enable you have time for more important things and also save you from always having to procrastinate on very important task or missing targets and deadlines on already scheduled activities.

You can transform your daily schedule by firstly writing down all the things that you need to do. Identifying and fishing out the engagements that are usually time-consuming. Make sure you write them down.

You have to be really mindful of all your daily activities and always ask yourself if you really need to spend time on a particular activity at all.

  1. Change The Way You Get Things Done

You have to change your manner of approach to handling some of the responsibilities or even some common things like checking your email every 10 seconds. You can learn more about this here.

Let us say you  check your e-mail every one hour, you will come to discover that if it takes about 10 minutes to get your email opened as well as browse through your inbox, you would have spent 60 minutes which is equivalent to one hour in a day after you check your email for the sixth time. So imagine is you check your email 20 times in a day you would have used 200 hours. This is a total waste of time and resources.

Doing this will help you to create time for extra activities and may be even more time to relax.


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