Hi, I’m Jaime Akpofure the founder of victorycollege.org.

Over 50,000+ people read my material as a to improving their lives. I constantly share some of my best materials with my audience so they can invest in themselves. I mainly focused on improving the lives of Africans.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an Engineer because my uncle worked for Shell Nigeria. Uncle Paul was rich and had many cars. Later I figured out medical doctors were not only rich, but they were also important. They made a lot of money, and they get to be around very attractive ladies.

Martin Luther Jaime had a new Dream! One day I will study medicine and have a lot of girlfriends and have President Obasanjo of Nigeria on speed dial (maybe the reverse, Baba should have me on speed dial).

Fast forward to SS3, I read about Professor Wole Soyinka on Thisday Nigeria, how he is respected in the world, most especially among white people. That was it. It hit me like a revelation, I had found “the will of God”. This must be it. I will pursue a doctorate degree. I will be like Soyinka.

When I was a kid

Uni Jaime

Jaime AkpofureBanker

Traveling around the world

It took me more than 10 years to figure this out.

Don’t try to get rich. Quit trying to be important.

Wealth, riches and those things you don’t have come when you offer massive value to the world.

The day I realised this, I put on hold the comfortable life I had in Europe, the dream of becoming a Ph.D… I bought a one-way ticket back to Africa where I can offer massive value.

This is what I do now. I Help Africans Succeed. 98% of the time free of charge. The result?

I started a blog which generated 6 figures in sales revenue within 6 months.

One my students came 2nd in Africa in a science competition. Another student was chosen top 10 in an entrepreneurship start-up event organised by Total for young Africans.

6 Months Old Blog has been read 170,000 times and Generates six figures in just 6months

Of recent, I coached a secondary school teacher on how to apply for a program sponsored by a U.S. Government. And guess what? She’s getting a fully sponsored trip to the United States. The Americans were so impressed, She got invited to the U.S Ambassador’s house to meet with the Ambassador. She tells me the ambassador is currently making plans to visit the school where she works.

Amazing right?

These are results you get when you offer value.

Today I spent an average of 4 hours replying emails from my readers and students. Coaching them on how to achieve their goals, start and grow their business.

Do you want to be very successful?

Quit thinking about becoming rich!

Start building a business, build a career that offers value to the world.

Of cause, you want to get wealthy and live the good life, but first, it is the relationship, the open doors, the connections. This is what the top successful business leaders do.

  • They build long-term relationships and protect these relationships like family.
  • They invest time and energy into every customer.
  • They build a business that offers massive value to their community.

Quit thinking about how to make money fast.

What are your goals in 2017?

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