6 Steps To Help You Eliminate Procrastination

In what ways can you increase your drive to begin things on time with optimum energy and drive?

People who procrastinate are known to experience chronic stress as a result of all the adverse effects of not completing tasks when they should be completed.

Procrastination causes added pressure resulting from failure to carry out a task which you had all intention of performing.

In this post,  I discuss the various modes of approach that you can use to encourage yourself to finish activities on time or even before time.

  1. Time Yourself

This is one of the most common methods of completing a task. This is due to the fact that it is easy to apply.

This is how it works:

When you need to complete a given task, make sure you time yourself and work consistently within this time frame. This helps you focus on the task ahead without any distraction.

After 20-30 minutes of working without distraction, you could take a break of 5-10 minutes.

  1. Reward Yourself

Reward are the most efficient ways of keeping you motivated. Whenever you’ve finished a lengthy it is always encouraged that you give yourself a treat.

You can do so by relaxing a little bit or engaging in some fun activities.

When you do this consistently, you will come to discover rewards that prompt you to do more.

  1. Punish Yourself

The fact is if you will yourself rewards for success, you also have to punish yourself if you fail. You must discipline yourself.

Some basic punishments may include:

  • No social media for 48 hours
  • No television for one full day
  • Send a gift to someone you don’t like

These punishments are supposed to keep you on the path of hard work and seriousness. You have to give attention and focus on your work always in order for you to avoid punishing yourself.

  1. Include Others:

The moment you let people know of whatever task you have planned, you tend to feel accountable to them for your actions.

You can get a close friend that can help to keep track of your progress as well as let you know when you start to default on your goals.

  1. Change Your  Beliefs About Time

We have a limited time on earth.  You cannot turn back all the time you have spent or wasted on unproductive activities, but you can change your beliefs and thought patterns about time.

If you are in the habit of wasting a lot of time on activities that are of no essence, you need to make up your mind and cut back on some of these activities for a change.

Make sure that you begin to see time as a scarce and an important resource that has to be used wisely. We have the knowledge of what actually happens to someone who runs out of time. That person gets stressed up,

  1. Choose Yourself and Learn to Say NO

It is a good thing to be a social figure and to keep in touch with people around you. However, if you often honor all invitations by friends and colleagues, you might soon start procrastinating.

You should say “NO” to invites that are not important so you can have time for other important things. Will people react in a negative way? Yes, but that is okay, they will soon come around and most of them will understand.

By doing this you will also get to know the people who really care about your progress. For those that won’t come around, you can as well just say goodbyes, because they are not worth your time.

Learning to say NO is something that will take time but if you really want to deal with procrastination you have to recognize that it is your right to make good use of your time and saying No to unnecessary activities. Keep in mind, saying No does not make you a bad person.


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